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Abraham Abrahamsson1861

Abraham Abrahamsson
Birth June 6, 1861 30
Note: Fader okänd.
Death of a maternal grandfatherBengt Magnusson
July 4, 1878 (Age 17 years)
Dödsorsak: Sten* Inhyse/Fattighjon.
Death of a motherCharlotta Bengtsdotter
March 13, 1880 (Age 18 years)
Cause: Magsår
Death of a maternal grandmotherEdela Toresdotter
January 10, 1884 (Age 22 years)
Note: Noterad som fattighjon.
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Charlotta Bengtsdotter
Birth: September 29, 1830 28 22Foglabäck, Torestorp, Västergötland, Sverige
Death: March 13, 1880Foglabäck, Torestorp, Västergötland, Sverige

Fader okänd.